The Best Santa Letter To Children

The Best Santa Letter To Children

Writing the the best Santa letter to children isn’t easy. You have to put a lot of thought and effort into it if you want it to carry off right, especially if you have older, more questioning children. Everyone has different ways to make it more realistic, and these tips can get you started. Remember, you children are going to be utterly unique and you know them better that anyone, so take all tips with a pinch of salt. Your friends will all have different ways to do things with a santa letter. Some might have brilliant tips and tricks. If they have children who are friends with your own, be careful. They might just get suspicious that their best friend had a letter exactly like their own.

Make Them Unique

It’s important that they stand out. Be careful. Kids talk, and kids remember. If you use a template, try to personalise it a little. Don’t just go down the one horse track of printing something out and just adding their name. Personalise them. What does your child like? Do they enjoy playing video games? Write something in there about them playing video games. Did they do something in the year which is good and that they’re really proud of? Make sure you mention that. Making these letters really personal is where a lot of the fun comes from. 

Make Them Realistic

Well, as realistic as you can. This means adding a lot of colour. If you have great handwriting, you might be able to pass something off. Otherwise, use a computer. You can add decorations to them to make them stand out. The kind of things you’d get in a hobby store. A bit of glitter perhaps, or some beads. IF you’re a good drawer, you could draw santa or his reindeers. Whatever you do, try to conceal your style. If they recognise it, then the game might just be up. 

Don’t Forget The Stamp

You can find some great stamp designs online. If you can’t find one, or you’ve left it a little late, draw something up. They won’t pay much attention to the envelope anyway and will want to see what’s inside. The stamp should be simple. The north pole, a reindeer, santa himself or maybe even a winter wonderland. It all adds to the realism and makes it a lot more special for your children.

Keep Them Fair

If you have more than one child, you’ll want to ensure you keep the letters fair. They both have to be just as unique. Otherwise, one might be left a little unhappy. It’s easier to do than you know. Pay attention, and step away from the letters for a day before reading them through again. You could write one letter to both, and include aspects of both on it to save you some time and ink. Just try to ensure you keep them as fair as possible. This extends to ensuring you give them to your children at the same time.

Santa Mail

Santa Mail

Make Christmas more enchanting than ever this year with personalized Santa mail for your kids. Filled with unique details, a letter from Santa captures the wonder of the festive season and keeps youngsters fulfilled and excited as anticipation for the big day builds.

As a parent or guardian, there’s no doubt you’ll want to give your kids the best Christmas possible. Maybe you want to recreate the magic of your own childhood Christmases or perhaps you’re looking for new traditions you can share with your family? No matter what your intentions, you can be sure that requesting personalized Santa mail will leave a lasting impression on kids of any age. 

Prepping for Christmas

It lands on the same date every year and yet, somehow, we always seem to be caught off guard. With so many things to consider and tasks to complete, it’s not surprising that December tends to pass in a blur. 

Whether you’re spending Christmas at home with your nearest and dearest, meeting up with extended family, or celebrating with neighbors and friends, you’ll have your hands full when it comes to getting everything ready. 

As any parent knows, a key part of preparing for Christmas is trying to keep your kids calm! As Christmas adverts and promotions arrive earlier every year, it’s not unusual for youngsters to start writing letters to Santa and submitting gift requests as early as September. From then on, you might be faced with non-stop talk about Christmas, so it’s good to have some festive-themed activities on hand to keep your kids busy. 

For inspiration, take a look at these easy, at-home activities your kids can enjoy in the run-up to Christmas:

1. Write to Santa

Santa mail isn’t just a one-way form of communication. Encouraging your child to write to Santa will give them the opportunity to be as creative as they like. Get the paint, crayons, and glitter out and give your kids free rein to express themselves. 

Of course, no child’s letter to Mr. Claus should go unanswered. By requesting Santa mail now, you can ensure that your kid receives a personalized letter from Santa. Want to reassure them that Santa reads his mail and is on his way? There’s no better way than via unique Santa mail addressed directly to them. 

2. Learn Christmas songs

The festive season is filled with merriment and singing is always a common theme. If your child is taking part in school concerts, practicing their performance is a great activity to keep them busy. Alternatively, find a mix of traditional and modern festive songs online and see how many they can learn. 

3. Watch a festive movie

When it comes to Christmas-themed activities, it doesn’t get any easier than this. Settling down in front of the TV and watching a festive movie is as much a treat for adults as it is for kids, so prepare to kick back and relax!

Plan the Perfect Christmas

To avoid last-minute stress, start planning your Christmas well in advance. Request your child’s Santa mail now and you’ll have peace of mind that the run-up to Christmas will be one to remember.

Santa Letters To Kids

Santa Letters To Kids

Kids have been writing letters to Santa for years, so why not make sure they get a reply this year? For many children, penning a note to Santa is a key part of the buildup to Christmas. From specifying exactly which gifts you’re hoping for, to telling Santa how well you’ve behaved throughout the year, there’s a lot to cover when you’re writing the most important letter of the year!

Of course, it isn’t just children that put a lot of effort into writing the perfect Christmas correspondence. In Santa letters to kids, Mr. Claus himself takes the time to pen a totally unique message to each recipient. Featuring your child’s name and age, as well as a reference to their gift request, a letter from Santa is the ideal way to keep the magic of Christmas alive. 

What to Include in Your Letter Request

When you request a letter from Santa, it’s important to give his elves some extra information about the recipient(s). Although Santa keeps an eye on everyone throughout the year, providing some additional details makes it easier for Santa to write the perfect letter to every kid. With this in mind, here are some key facts to include when you request a letter from Santa:

  • The recipient’s name
  • The recipient’s age
  • The recipient’s gender
  • Which town the recipient will be in on Christmas Eve
  • What gift(s) the recipient has asked for this Christmas

Remember – Santa takes the time to write to each recipient individually, but this doesn’t mean you can’t request more than one letter. If you have more than one child, you’ll definitely want to ensure that they each receive their own personalized correspondence from the North Pole. Rest assured – every letter is completely unique, so they’ll be no overlap when they receive their prized note from Mr. Claus. 

When to Request a Letter From Santa

It might feel like Christmas is a long way away but time flies when you’re prepping for the festive season. Along with plotting his route for Christmas Eve and preparing wonderful presents, Santa likes to get an early start when it comes to letter writing. With so many children eager to receive a customized letter, it’s important for him to start writing as early as possible. 

That’s why we make it easy for you to request Santa letters to kids well before Christmas arrives. With pre-orders soon to be available, you can get your request in early and cross one thing off your Christmas checklist. 

Capture the Magic of Christmas

Christmas should be a special time of year for people of all ages but it’s particularly exciting for kids. Whether you’ve got tots and youngsters at home or you’re enjoying Christmas with tweens and teens, Santa letters to kids will remind them of the best bits of Christmas and ensure they’re looking forward to this year’s festive season. 

To arrange for your child to receive their own personalized letter from Santa, simply choose their favorite artwork, submit their details, and relax while Santa gets to work!

Personalized Letter From Santa Claus

Personalized Letter From Santa Claus

The perfect Christmas is a mix of old traditions and exciting new experiences. If you want to create memorable festive fun, be sure to give your kids something they’ll remember forever. Fortunately, making Christmas special doesn’t have to involve trips to distant destinations or expensive days out. In fact, some of the most memorable aspects of Christmas are the free or low-cost touches that are filled with thought. 

If you’re eager to add something special to this year’s celebrations, requesting a personalized letter from Santa Claus is the perfect way to do it. When your child’s face lights up as they see the hand stamp on the envelope, you’ll remember just what Christmas is all about. With so many benefits on offer, take a quick look at why a personalized letter from Santa Claus is the perfect Christmas extra for kids of any age:

1. Ramps up the anticipation

Despite your best efforts to keep the kids entertained, the buildup to Christmas can feel never-ending for youngsters. To prevent boredom from getting the better of them, you’ll need a diary full of events and activities to take you right through the festive season. Receiving a personalized letter from Santa Claus is always a major occasion, and it’s an easy way for caregivers to keep kids entertained! 

2. Encourages good behavior

The determination to stay on Santa’s ‘Nice List’ can guarantee good behavior from Fall until mid-Winter, so make the most of the extra motivation your kids have to behave well! When you request a personalized letter from Santa Claus, be sure to let his elves know what your child’s been up to. Incorporating these details into your kid’s correspondence adds to the authenticity and uniqueness of their letter and it’s an excellent way to remind kids how important it is to be on their best behavior. 

3. Introduces new traditions

Making memories as a family is one of the best parts of Christmas and enjoying the same traditions year after year adds an extra sense of nostalgia to your celebrations. While your kids may not realize the importance of these traditions just yet, it’s something they will look back on with fondness for years to come. If you received your very own letter from Santa as a child, requesting Santa mail is the perfect way to update your traditions for the modern age without losing the charm and innocence they once characterized. 

4. Enhance their imagination

The magical world of Christmas is the perfect way to indulge your child’s imagination. As you make up festive stories, watch Christmas movies and sing Yuletide songs, you’re encouraging your child to imagine an exciting world filled with time-twisters, fun, and folly. When they receive a personalized letter from Santa Claus, it simply gives them more inspiration to explore and see where their imagination takes them. 

Request a Personalized Letter from Santa Claus Now

You won’t be surprised to learn that things get busier at the North Pole the closer Christmas gets. To avoid disappointment, request your child’s personalized letter from Santa now!

Where To Order A Letter To Kids From Santa

Where To Order A Letter To Kids From Santa

Christmas is always a magical time of the year, but it becomes even more special when your kids receive a letter from Santa. Keeping the mystery alive and building their anticipation before the big day arrives, a letter from Santa Claus is the perfect way to increase their excitement.

Of course, you’ll want to ensure that their letter from Santa truly captures their imagination. Before you request a note from the North Pole, take a look at some top tips for planning your correspondence with Mr. Claus…


Letters from Santa are treasured forever, so go the extra mile and make sure your kids receive a note that’s just for them. As well as being dedicated to them by name, the best letter to kids from Santa will also include the town they’ll be in on Christmas Eve, a gift request, and a personally addressed envelope. 

Every letter from Santa is completely unique, so brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, and cousins will all receive their own personalized message. The more information you can provide, the more detailed your child’s letter will be. Let Santa know why your kid deserves to be on the ‘Nice List’ this year and reassure them that Santa’s paying attention!


The flurry of excitement in the countdown to Christmas won’t stop your kids from paying attention to detail. To confirm how real Santa is, you’ll want to ensure their letters are utterly authentic. With Santa’s very own signature, a postmark from the North Pole, and label art, even the most skeptical youngsters will be totally convinced. 


Santa’s Elves work hard all year round to ensure everything is ready for December 25th. As you might expect, things get much busier as Christmas Day approaches, so it’s important to plan your communication well in advance. Choosing a delivery service that offers pre-orders will ensure your request is received in good time. What’s more, it ensures your kids will be first on the list when Santa sits down with his writing pad and pen. 

There are strict cutoff times when it comes to requesting personalized correspondence from a guy as popular as Santa, so don’t risk leaving it to the last minute. With so many things to do in the run-up to Christmas, this is one thing you can tick off your list nice and early. 

Keep the Magic of Christmas Alive

There aren’t many occasions than create a feeling of nostalgia like Christmas does. Perhaps you remember receiving your own letter from Santa with your stocking every year or maybe you’re looking for ways to make your kid’s Christmas even more magical than the last? 

A custom letter from Santa is the perfect addition to every child’s Christmas, no matter what their age. From overexcited tots to indulgent teens, a personalized memo from Mr. Claus brings a smile to everyone’s face. 

Now you know exactly where to order a letter to kids from Santa, there’s no need to delay. Make your request now and look forward to seeing your child’s face when they discover some very special mail waiting for them as the Christmas season arrives.

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