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Where can I get Letters from Santa Claus?

Years ago, the only way you could have your child receive letters from Santa Claus, was to write it yourself. Of course, this was always a bit dangerous because if you weren’t a very skillful writer, there was a pretty good chance your child would discover the real author of the letter. And of course, the letter would always have to be delivered without the benefit of a postmark, or any identifying details about the sender and their address. It probably took some really deep belief for a child to accept that this letter did indeed come from the jolly Elf at the North Pole.

Nowadays, that’s not a problem at all, and you can have a letter from Santa Claus sent directly to your child from up North, with every detail supporting the fact that it came from Christmas Village. You can get a highly customized letter sent to your child which includes a number of facts that will convince your youngster that the letter could only have come from that all-knowing Master Toymaker, Santa Claus. Contact us at Letters from Santa so that you can arrange for having one of these personalized letters sent to your child in time for the Christmas season.

How it works 

When you contact us about sending your child a letter, we’ll ask you to provide some personal information about your youngster that we can use in the letter. We’ll need the child’s full name, their gender, their full address, any special toy or present they might have requested for this Christmas, where they will be on Christmas Eve, and anything special they’ve done over the past year to stay on Santa’s Nice List. All this information will be woven into the text of the letter they receive, so as to convince them that the letter really has come from Santa Claus.

The text of the letter will vary, depending on which style of letter you’ve chosen. There are four different kinds of letter which we can send to your child, those being Santa with Sleigh, Santa Mail, Letter from Santa, and Santa Writing a Letter. You can review the text of these four letter types and decide which would be most appropriate for your child, then we’ll incorporate the personalized data into that text.

When the letter is sent to you, it will be in a Christmas-colored envelope with a marking on it from Christmas Village at the North Pole. If you like, you can also have a postcard sent to your child during summer, reminding them that Christmas isn’t far away, and that they’ll need to stay on the Nice List if they want to have a good Christmas.

The joy of Christmas 

This is a very inexpensive investment, especially when considered against the tremendous amount of joy and happiness it will bring your youngster when they first see that envelope from Santa. In fact, the gift of Christmas magic embodied by a special letter from Santa Claus himself just might be the most special present your child receives this holiday. Get in touch with us at Letters from Santa, so we can arrange to have this important communication from Santa Claus sent to your child, and so they can truly enjoy the holiday season before it even gets started.

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What do you Write in a Letter to Santa Claus?

Traditionally, when children have the opportunity to write a letter to Santa Claus, it ends up being a laundry list of all the toys they would like delivered to their house this Christmas. This is entirely understandable, since most young people haven’t really matured to the point where they would ask for a solution to World Hunger. Sometimes youngsters also like to include some questions about how progress on toymaking is coming at the North Pole, how the Elves are doing, or questions about the health of the Reindeer.

Any letters written by Santa Claus for children would often be a little more generic, not referring to the catalog of presents desired, but assuring the child that both Elves and Reindeer are in good health and preparing for the world journey on Christmas Eve. There may even have been a fact or two included about the child’s home life, so as to make it a bit more likely that the letter had been sent by the all-knowing Elf at the North Pole. All these kinds of letters would inevitably fall a little short on authenticity though, because they would be delivered in an ordinary white envelope, with no special return address.

Real letters from Santa  

If your child has written a letter to Santa, and is anxiously awaiting some kind of response, we can help you provide the perfect letter from Santa to thrill your child. At Letters from Santa that’s what we do, because we understand the importance of the holiday season to your child, and we also know just how thrilling it can be to receive a letter from the man in the red suit. We do more than just send your child a letter from Santa though – we customize it in several important ways, so your child feels special and so he/she knows the letter must have come directly from Santa. 

All you have to do is provide us with some crucial personal details, and we can personalize the letter from Santa to make your youngster thrilled about the communication. Along with your payment, send us your child’s full name, their gender, their birthdate, your full address, where they’ll be on Christmas Eve, and a few of the good things they’ve done in the past year to get on Santa’s Nice List. These details can then be included in the text of Santa’s letter so your child knows the letter is just for him/her and no one else. 

Text of the letter 

You can choose from one of four different letter types, and the content will vary with each type. You can choose Santa Mail, Santa with Sleigh, Santa Writing a Letter, or Letter from Santa. In any of these content types, we’ll be able to weave in all the important personal details about your child, so they’ll be sure Santa hasn’t forgotten them, and will indeed be making a stopover at your house on Christmas Eve.

When the letter arrives, it will be in a colorful holiday envelope with a marking from Christmas Village at the North Pole. The letter itself will be personally signed by Santa Claus, and it will be a very positive message from the most famous holiday celebrity in the world. The look of joy on your child’s face will make this holiday one of the best you’ve ever had.

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Is There a Santa Claus Letter?

The title of this blog is a variation on the now-famous editorial which appeared in the New York Sun in 1897, entitled Is There a Santa Claus? In that editorial, the author answered decisively in the affirmative, declaring that Santa Claus was the embodiment of Christmas spirit around the globe, and it was something that virtually all people held dear in their hearts. For skeptics of course, it usually meant that they had simply stopped believing in the magic and the extraordinary power of good will at this special time of the year.

For those who may be wondering whether there is truly a Santa Claus letter, which can capture that same kind of awesome good will and holiday spirit, the answer is also a firm and decisive ‘YES’. At Letters from Santa, that’s our specialty because we feel that children should hold on to the magic of the season throughout their youthful years, until they mature to the point where they recognize the magic still exists, but in other important ways. We prepare customized letters from Santa that will bring a whole new level of joy and happiness to your youngster at Christmas time.

Receiving a letter from Santa 

It’s hard to quantify the thrill that your child will receive from getting their very own personalized letter from Santa Claus, especially when it’s filled with details that only Santa would know. When you arrange with us to write your child a letter from Santa, we’ll ask you for a few details which can be used in the text of the letter so it seems more personal and more authentic.

For instance, we’ll need to know your child’s full name, their age and gender, their birthdate, any special toys or presents they have been asking for, and a few remarks about any good things they’ve done recently to get on to Santa’s Nice List. We’d also like you to tell us where the child will be on Christmas Eve, in case you’re on vacation or visiting relatives. All this information will be included in the text of the letter so as to be more impressive, and more specific to the child. 

The general text of the letter can be one of four styles of content, which you’ll have the option of choosing for your child. These are: Santa Mail, Santa Writing a Letter, Santa with Sleigh, or Letter from Santa. Into this content, we’ll include the personalized details you’ve provided for us, and that will more than likely amaze your child. The letter will arrive in a colorful envelope which has the look and feel of the holiday, and it will have a postmark on it from Christmas Village at the North Pole. 

The joy of the season 

The joy of the season itself will be greatly enhanced for your child when they receive this awesome signed letter from Santa Claus himself. With a number of personalized references in the letter, your child will be convinced it could only have been sent by Santa, and the look of joy on the youngster’s face will be one of the most memorable scenes of the season for you. It’s a very small investment to make in your child’s happiness, and it just might end up being the one present which is most appreciated this year by your youngster.

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How do you get a Response from Santa?

Has your child ever written a letter to Santa, and then wondered why he/she never got a response? It can be more than a little disappointing to a youngster, especially if they’ve been a well-behaved child all year, and then they seemingly get ignored by Santa for some reason or other. Of course, you can make excuses like Santa is very busy making toys with his Elves, or that he’s busy preparing for his world journey, but all that rings a little hollow with children. They’re not really equipped to connect logic and reason with a major disappointment they might be going through.

You don’t have to make those kinds of excuses anymore, and you can convert those looks of disappointment into expressions of joy and happiness, when your child actually gets a response from jolly old St. Nick. At Letters from Santa, we make sure your child gets a personalized letter from Santa, one which tells the youngster Santa he’s definitely thinking of him/her, and that the child will be receiving a visit on Christmas Eve. There’s something about receiving a personal letter from Santa that makes the season very special, and which will cause your child to appreciate this Christmas more than any other.

Your letter from Santa 

Santa is never too busy to write a personal letter to your child, and if you provide us with some basic information, we can ensure that this letter will be as meaningful as possible for your child. Let us know your child’s full name, address, gender, birthdate, and any special requests they’ve made for a specific present this year. It would also be helpful if you could include a sentence or two about what your child has done during the past year to make Santa’s Nice List, and what he/she has been doing to avoid being put on the Naughty List.

In return, your youngster will get a personalized letter from Santa which includes the facts you’ve provided us above. This letter can be one of four different letters whose content will be most appropriate for your child, and you can make the choice of what that content should be. The letter will be included in a holiday envelope, which includes a return address of Christmas Village at the North Pole, to further enhance your child’s belief and appreciation. At your option, the child can also receive a summertime postcard from Santa while he’s vacationing, and this can remind your youngster that Christmas isn’t far off, so he/she needs to be on best behavior.

Letters from Santa 

There’s really nothing quite like receiving a personal letter from Santa, and it can make all the difference in how much your youngster enjoys this holiday season. The look of wonder and joy on a child’s face when opening this kind of letter, can bring excitement and pleasure to the season for everyone in the family.

Contact us at Letters from Santa, so we can prepare the perfect letter for your child, and help them enjoy this Christmas season more than any other holiday before. It will be the least expensive present you buy for your child this season, and it will undoubtedly bring some of the greatest joy. Make this Christmas a memorable one for your child, by helping them actually get a response from Santa Claus.

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How do I Write a Letter to my Child from Santa?

Can you imagine the joy and happiness your child would feel if he/she got a personalized letter, direct from Santa Claus at the North Pole? In the past, you may have tried to do this yourself, but you might not have known quite what to say in the letter. Or the letter may not have seemed authentic, because it didn’t look like a real letter from Santa. All these problems can be removed by arranging for a letter to be sent to your child from Santa, through our company, Letters from Santa.

We totally understand the immensity of what such a letter can mean to your child (we were all once children too!), so we go the extra mile to make sure your child gets just the right content in this letter, and that it is customized for your youngster. When your child opens up this letter and begins reading the joyous message which has been written just for him/her, it will bring a smile to their face which simply can’t be equaled. To bring this kind of joy to your child is a very simple process, and one that’s well worth the small investment to make it all happen.

Have Santa send your child a personalized letter 

A generic letter from Santa would probably be appreciated by your child, but one that’s personalized with solid facts that only apply to your child, will make the letter much more wonderful, and much more meaningful. When you arrange for Santa to send your child a letter, all you’ll have to do is give us some facts about your child, e.g. their full name, gender, address, where your child will be on Christmas Eve, any special request for a specific toy or present, and a sentence or two about why they should be included on Santa’s Nice List.

There will be four types of letters to choose from, and the content of the letter will be different for each. Choose from the Santa with Sleigh, Santa Writing a Letter, Santa Mail, or Letter from Santa style, whichever you feel might be best appreciated by your youngster. When it arrives, the letter will include all the facts you’ve provided us, so that it can be as personal and as real as possible for your child. It will be included in a colorful envelope with a marking on it that shows it was sent from Christmas Village at the North Pole, so your child won’t have any doubt about who sent it.

Make this Christmas a special one  

Not every child will receive a letter from Santa, and it certainly doesn’t happen every year, so make this year a really special one for your child by arranging for a letter from Santa to be sent. The joy that lights up your child’s face when opening this letter will be something you never forget, and it will help to make the holiday special for you as well.

Contact us at Letters from Santa to arrange for having this wonderful letter sent to your child, and to start the whole holiday season off on the right foot. It costs very little, and it can bring so much happiness to your youngster, that it’s well worth the minimal investment, and it can make a world of difference this Christmas for your child.

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Order Santa Letters To Kids

Christmas is an incredibly busy and wonderful time of the year, especially if you have children of the right age to enjoy it, while they are completely immersed in the belief that Santa is real. As parents, you’ll want to do all you can to enhance the experience for them. There are dozens of ways to do this. Elf on the Shelf has recently become popular. There seems to be new innovations on a yearly basis too, that’s almost too hard to keep up with. One of the best ways to build hype is by sending them a letter from Santa. Nothing immerses them in realism more than hearing from the big man himself. Here are some top reasons why it’s good. Order Santa Letters To Kids

It’s An Easy Win

You can customize letters to kids online these days and with a click of a button have them sent directly to your home, addressed to them. It’s easy for you because, in the run up to Christmas, you’re probably already thinking of lots of different things which need to be done around the house and in your life. If you find the time to create and order one online, it’s something you’re not doing yourself. If you have a skill with craft then sure, you can create something. But it’s going to take you some time. Ordering one online can be done at work, home, or when you’re commuting on the train.

They’ll Love It

Nothing can enhance the belief like having a letter from Santa directly. The kids will absolutely love it so long as you set it all out right. You need to personalise it too. Talk to them about what they enjoy so they can interact. Pin the letters up where they can see them as a constant reminder. A letter to serve as an uplift. Something to clutch on to while they’re counting away the days towards Christmas. It allows a direct conversation with someone completely mythical, if you do this right it’ll land really well. Just remember to ensure whatever you put on the letter ties in with other facts you’ve told them about Santa. Kids are strange in that they remember the most random of things. Don’t let them catch you out over something small.  Order Santa Letters To Kids

You Can Find Out What They Want

It’s a great interaction tool. You can go about it two ways. Send them a Santa letter out of the blue, and then work with them on crafting a reply. Or, tell them to write a list including what they want for Christmas. The benefit here is that when you write back as Santa, you can cut anything otherworldly requests out and keep them grounded. It’s a great tool to start formulating a gift plan out of. If you’re having a hard time, this can be the definitive trick to find out what kinds of things your children want, giving you the room to give them surprises, plus things they have asked for.

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Christmas Letter From Santa For Kids

Getting the kids hyped up for Christmas isn’t exactly hard. But you can make it so much more real for them. The problem is they just grow so fast. Do it now, when they’re still young but still old enough to remember. It can be hard if you have children of different ages to land things right. For example, elf on a shelf might work great for one, but not the other. Christmas needs to be kept alive and one of the best ways of doing this is by building up the aura around Santa. He’s the one who brings the presents after all. One of the best ways to do this is by him writing to your children. Here are some top tips so that you can really get the best out of your letter.

Pick The Context

This is important because people like to do it in different ways. Some like to write the letter as an opening to the children, inviting responses and telling them about Christmas. Others will ask their children to write a letter to Santa, or a list of what they want and will then respond to it. It’s a great way to curtain any crazy gift demands and they can’t argue with it because it’s from Santa himself. Make sure you come up with a good plan and stick to it.

Be Careful When Using It As A Discipline Tool

You don’t want to suck the magic out of Christmas. If you write the letter from Santa, and in it you start mentioning naughty things they’ve done you might just have the opposite effect on them. Be careful. Kids talk. If you do this, and they have a friend who has been extremely troublesome and hasn’t had a letter from Santa, they’re going to be confused and a little indignant. Be general, and maybe make a note about the child needing to be good, but that’s as far as it should go.

Make It Super Special

It’s a letter from Santa after all, there needs to be some kind of magic. There are dozens of templates you can use, or you can create one online and get it sent to you. But you can also make one up yourself for a more authentic looking letter. You need to be good with a pen and be able to write well. Especially if you think they might recognise your handwriting. Then you can draw and make some design tweaks. Maybe a snowman, or the reindeer. Don’t forget to apply a Santa signature too. You can glitter up the envelope, or add some 3D aspects to the whole design. There are sparkly snowflakes you can add to the letter too, which might surprise them when they open it up (but you’ll have to clean it all up). Remember, once you’ve started it you’ll have to do it year after year, and each year you’ll want to top it too so be careful.

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The Best Santa Letter To Children

Writing the the best Santa letter to children isn’t easy. You have to put a lot of thought and effort into it if you want it to carry off right, especially if you have older, more questioning children. Everyone has different ways to make it more realistic, and these tips can get you started. Remember, you children are going to be utterly unique and you know them better that anyone, so take all tips with a pinch of salt. Your friends will all have different ways to do things with a santa letter. Some might have brilliant tips and tricks. If they have children who are friends with your own, be careful. They might just get suspicious that their best friend had a letter exactly like their own.

Make Them Unique

It’s important that they stand out. Be careful. Kids talk, and kids remember. If you use a template, try to personalise it a little. Don’t just go down the one horse track of printing something out and just adding their name. Personalise them. What does your child like? Do they enjoy playing video games? Write something in there about them playing video games. Did they do something in the year which is good and that they’re really proud of? Make sure you mention that. Making these letters really personal is where a lot of the fun comes from. 

Make Them Realistic

Well, as realistic as you can. This means adding a lot of colour. If you have great handwriting, you might be able to pass something off. Otherwise, use a computer. You can add decorations to them to make them stand out. The kind of things you’d get in a hobby store. A bit of glitter perhaps, or some beads. IF you’re a good drawer, you could draw santa or his reindeers. Whatever you do, try to conceal your style. If they recognise it, then the game might just be up. 

Don’t Forget The Stamp

You can find some great stamp designs online. If you can’t find one, or you’ve left it a little late, draw something up. They won’t pay much attention to the envelope anyway and will want to see what’s inside. The stamp should be simple. The north pole, a reindeer, santa himself or maybe even a winter wonderland. It all adds to the realism and makes it a lot more special for your children.

Keep Them Fair

If you have more than one child, you’ll want to ensure you keep the letters fair. They both have to be just as unique. Otherwise, one might be left a little unhappy. It’s easier to do than you know. Pay attention, and step away from the letters for a day before reading them through again. You could write one letter to both, and include aspects of both on it to save you some time and ink. Just try to ensure you keep them as fair as possible. This extends to ensuring you give them to your children at the same time.

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Santa Mail

Make Christmas more enchanting than ever this year with personalized Santa mail for your kids. Filled with unique details, a letter from Santa captures the wonder of the festive season and keeps youngsters fulfilled and excited as anticipation for the big day builds.

As a parent or guardian, there’s no doubt you’ll want to give your kids the best Christmas possible. Maybe you want to recreate the magic of your own childhood Christmases or perhaps you’re looking for new traditions you can share with your family? No matter what your intentions, you can be sure that requesting personalized Santa mail will leave a lasting impression on kids of any age. 

Prepping for Christmas

It lands on the same date every year and yet, somehow, we always seem to be caught off guard. With so many things to consider and tasks to complete, it’s not surprising that December tends to pass in a blur. 

Whether you’re spending Christmas at home with your nearest and dearest, meeting up with extended family, or celebrating with neighbors and friends, you’ll have your hands full when it comes to getting everything ready. 

As any parent knows, a key part of preparing for Christmas is trying to keep your kids calm! As Christmas adverts and promotions arrive earlier every year, it’s not unusual for youngsters to start writing letters to Santa and submitting gift requests as early as September. From then on, you might be faced with non-stop talk about Christmas, so it’s good to have some festive-themed activities on hand to keep your kids busy. 

For inspiration, take a look at these easy, at-home activities your kids can enjoy in the run-up to Christmas:

1. Write to Santa

Santa mail isn’t just a one-way form of communication. Encouraging your child to write to Santa will give them the opportunity to be as creative as they like. Get the paint, crayons, and glitter out and give your kids free rein to express themselves. 

Of course, no child’s letter to Mr. Claus should go unanswered. By requesting Santa mail now, you can ensure that your kid receives a personalized letter from Santa. Want to reassure them that Santa reads his mail and is on his way? There’s no better way than via unique Santa mail addressed directly to them. 

2. Learn Christmas songs

The festive season is filled with merriment and singing is always a common theme. If your child is taking part in school concerts, practicing their performance is a great activity to keep them busy. Alternatively, find a mix of traditional and modern festive songs online and see how many they can learn. 

3. Watch a festive movie

When it comes to Christmas-themed activities, it doesn’t get any easier than this. Settling down in front of the TV and watching a festive movie is as much a treat for adults as it is for kids, so prepare to kick back and relax!

Plan the Perfect Christmas

To avoid last-minute stress, start planning your Christmas well in advance. Request your child’s Santa mail now and you’ll have peace of mind that the run-up to Christmas will be one to remember.

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Santa Letters To Kids

Kids have been writing letters to Santa for years, so why not make sure they get a reply this year? For many children, penning a note to Santa is a key part of the buildup to Christmas. From specifying exactly which gifts you’re hoping for, to telling Santa how well you’ve behaved throughout the year, there’s a lot to cover when you’re writing the most important letter of the year!

Of course, it isn’t just children that put a lot of effort into writing the perfect Christmas correspondence. In Santa letters to kids, Mr. Claus himself takes the time to pen a totally unique message to each recipient. Featuring your child’s name and age, as well as a reference to their gift request, a letter from Santa is the ideal way to keep the magic of Christmas alive. 

What to Include in Your Letter Request

When you request a letter from Santa, it’s important to give his elves some extra information about the recipient(s). Although Santa keeps an eye on everyone throughout the year, providing some additional details makes it easier for Santa to write the perfect letter to every kid. With this in mind, here are some key facts to include when you request a letter from Santa:

  • The recipient’s name
  • The recipient’s age
  • The recipient’s gender
  • Which town the recipient will be in on Christmas Eve
  • What gift(s) the recipient has asked for this Christmas

Remember – Santa takes the time to write to each recipient individually, but this doesn’t mean you can’t request more than one letter. If you have more than one child, you’ll definitely want to ensure that they each receive their own personalized correspondence from the North Pole. Rest assured – every letter is completely unique, so they’ll be no overlap when they receive their prized note from Mr. Claus. 

When to Request a Letter From Santa

It might feel like Christmas is a long way away but time flies when you’re prepping for the festive season. Along with plotting his route for Christmas Eve and preparing wonderful presents, Santa likes to get an early start when it comes to letter writing. With so many children eager to receive a customized letter, it’s important for him to start writing as early as possible. 

That’s why we make it easy for you to request Santa letters to kids well before Christmas arrives. With pre-orders soon to be available, you can get your request in early and cross one thing off your Christmas checklist. 

Capture the Magic of Christmas

Christmas should be a special time of year for people of all ages but it’s particularly exciting for kids. Whether you’ve got tots and youngsters at home or you’re enjoying Christmas with tweens and teens, Santa letters to kids will remind them of the best bits of Christmas and ensure they’re looking forward to this year’s festive season. 

To arrange for your child to receive their own personalized letter from Santa, simply choose their favorite artwork, submit their details, and relax while Santa gets to work!