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Put a big smile on your child’s face by reassuring them Santa is coming this year!
It’s been a very hectic year for you and your children. The last thing your child needs to worry about is the stress of not knowing if Santa is still coming this year. We’ve put together special limited-time-only letters from Santa that will reassure them Santa is still coming!

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LC1 - Don't Worry I'm Still Coming


Hi {{firstname}},

With all that has been going on in the world about the coronavirus pandemic, you might be worried that I won’t take my reindeer out this year on our annual Christmas Eve journey. Don't let all those issues concern you - because I will definitely still make all my scheduled visits to the homes of good boys and girls everywhere in the world.

You have been an especially good BOY/GIRL this year in following all the guidelines and restrictions that have been issued by people in authority. You've also had to change your lifestyle a lot to adapt to these new guidelines, and you probably couldn't do many of the things you really like to do. Your family truly appreciates how you've helped them to get through the difficult times this year.

All the good work you've done this year has been noticed by my Elves, and they've kept me informed. To reward you for all that good work, you can count on me and my reindeer visiting your home and dropping off presents that you have earned. Until Christmas comes, keep up with helping out, and doing your part to stay healthy and avoid spreading the nasty COVID-19 disease around.

It won't be long before Christmas time arrives to bring cheer and good to everyone. If you think of it, on Christmas Eve it would be nice if you could leave out some milk and cookies for me - my reindeer like the cookies too!

Santa Claus

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LC2 - You've Been Great This Year


This has been an especially hard year to stay cheerful and joyous, because of the coronavirus pandemic which has troubled the whole world. My Elves have told me that you've been a great BOY/GIRL this year at following the directions you’ve been given you to avoid catching this disease and spreading it to others. All those directions are very important because they help to keep everyone healthy.

Because you've been especially good at listening to your parents this year, there might be a really special present for you under your tree on Christmas morning. I know how hard it has been for you to socially distance, wear a mask, and avoid going to stores and restaurants this year. On Christmas morning, you can forget all that for a little while, and just enjoy the biggest holiday of the year.

Until that morning arrives, keep up the great work you've been doing this year, and help your whole family to stay healthy by following the directions your parents give you. My reindeer and I have been following all the guidelines for staying healthy, just like you have. Christmas Day will be here before you know it, and that will be a time of celebration and joyfulness!


Santa Claus

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