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Where can I get Letters from Santa Claus?

Years ago, the only way you could have your child receive letters from Santa Claus, was to write it yourself. Of course, this was always a bit dangerous because if you weren’t a very skillful writer, there was a pretty good chance your child would discover the real author of the letter. And of course, the letter would always have to be delivered without the benefit of a postmark, or any identifying details about the sender and their address. It probably took some really deep belief for a child to accept that this letter did indeed come from the jolly Elf at the North Pole.

Nowadays, that’s not a problem at all, and you can have a letter from Santa Claus sent directly to your child from up North, with every detail supporting the fact that it came from Christmas Village. You can get a highly customized letter sent to your child which includes a number of facts that will convince your youngster that the letter could only have come from that all-knowing Master Toymaker, Santa Claus. Contact us at Letters from Santa so that you can arrange for having one of these personalized letters sent to your child in time for the Christmas season.

How it works 

When you contact us about sending your child a letter, we’ll ask you to provide some personal information about your youngster that we can use in the letter. We’ll need the child’s full name, their gender, their full address, any special toy or present they might have requested for this Christmas, where they will be on Christmas Eve, and anything special they’ve done over the past year to stay on Santa’s Nice List. All this information will be woven into the text of the letter they receive, so as to convince them that the letter really has come from Santa Claus.

The text of the letter will vary, depending on which style of letter you’ve chosen. There are four different kinds of letter which we can send to your child, those being Santa with Sleigh, Santa Mail, Letter from Santa, and Santa Writing a Letter. You can review the text of these four letter types and decide which would be most appropriate for your child, then we’ll incorporate the personalized data into that text.

When the letter is sent to you, it will be in a Christmas-colored envelope with a marking on it from Christmas Village at the North Pole. If you like, you can also have a postcard sent to your child during summer, reminding them that Christmas isn’t far away, and that they’ll need to stay on the Nice List if they want to have a good Christmas.

The joy of Christmas 

This is a very inexpensive investment, especially when considered against the tremendous amount of joy and happiness it will bring your youngster when they first see that envelope from Santa. In fact, the gift of Christmas magic embodied by a special letter from Santa Claus himself just might be the most special present your child receives this holiday. Get in touch with us at Letters from Santa, so we can arrange to have this important communication from Santa Claus sent to your child, and so they can truly enjoy the holiday season before it even gets started.

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What do you Write in a Letter to Santa Claus?

Traditionally, when children have the opportunity to write a letter to Santa Claus, it ends up being a laundry list of all the toys they would like delivered to their house this Christmas. This is entirely understandable, since most young people haven’t really matured to the point where they would ask for a solution to World Hunger. Sometimes youngsters also like to include some questions about how progress on toymaking is coming at the North Pole, how the Elves are doing, or questions about the health of the Reindeer.

Any letters written by Santa Claus for children would often be a little more generic, not referring to the catalog of presents desired, but assuring the child that both Elves and Reindeer are in good health and preparing for the world journey on Christmas Eve. There may even have been a fact or two included about the child’s home life, so as to make it a bit more likely that the letter had been sent by the all-knowing Elf at the North Pole. All these kinds of letters would inevitably fall a little short on authenticity though, because they would be delivered in an ordinary white envelope, with no special return address.

Real letters from Santa  

If your child has written a letter to Santa, and is anxiously awaiting some kind of response, we can help you provide the perfect letter from Santa to thrill your child. At Letters from Santa that’s what we do, because we understand the importance of the holiday season to your child, and we also know just how thrilling it can be to receive a letter from the man in the red suit. We do more than just send your child a letter from Santa though – we customize it in several important ways, so your child feels special and so he/she knows the letter must have come directly from Santa. 

All you have to do is provide us with some crucial personal details, and we can personalize the letter from Santa to make your youngster thrilled about the communication. Along with your payment, send us your child’s full name, their gender, their birthdate, your full address, where they’ll be on Christmas Eve, and a few of the good things they’ve done in the past year to get on Santa’s Nice List. These details can then be included in the text of Santa’s letter so your child knows the letter is just for him/her and no one else. 

Text of the letter 

You can choose from one of four different letter types, and the content will vary with each type. You can choose Santa Mail, Santa with Sleigh, Santa Writing a Letter, or Letter from Santa. In any of these content types, we’ll be able to weave in all the important personal details about your child, so they’ll be sure Santa hasn’t forgotten them, and will indeed be making a stopover at your house on Christmas Eve.

When the letter arrives, it will be in a colorful holiday envelope with a marking from Christmas Village at the North Pole. The letter itself will be personally signed by Santa Claus, and it will be a very positive message from the most famous holiday celebrity in the world. The look of joy on your child’s face will make this holiday one of the best you’ve ever had.